Vintage Drum Table Upcycle


I'm all about giving new life to old and vintage furniture.  Since it's often well made, you end up with a unique, quality piece that would otherwise have gone to landfill.

My husband will attest that the best cottage outing for me is a trip to the dump. We've hauled back countless smelly, spidery, dirty treasures with the vision of what they could become.  

We inherited this solid little table with its interesting octagon design.  While the table was not our style, I was drawn to its interesting lines and shape. 

I gave it a light sanding, primed it with an oil-based primer to seal the wood and provide a base for the paint to stick to, then finished it with a few coats of Benjamin Moore's Cabinet Coat in 'Onyx'.  Still needs some touching up where you can see brush marks, but I'm loving how it looks so far.

I re-used the original brass handles which we cleaned and polished using Brasso brass cleaner.  

It was a rewarding project.  We ended up with a very practical, interesting piece of furniture that brings a sense of nostalgia and connection to family.










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